Dear Mr ..., I would like to apply for a pay vacation from 9th~10th, Oct. I will hand all my jobs to ...upon your approval. Kindly let me know your comments. Yours, sincerely XXX 年假用annual leave也可以 补充回答: Would you pl...

Application for leave 还要看是什么假,application for annual(带薪年假)/sick(病假)/private(事假) leave

翻译成英文是:Apply for a vacation book,见下图翻译

申请的英文:application、put in for 一、application 英 [ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃn] 美 [ˌæplɪˈkeʃən] n.适用,应用,运用;申请,请求,申请表格;勤勉,用功;敷用,敷用药 Further informati...

Home Leave Application Dear Leadership, My daughter and son-in-law reside in Australia now. And she got pregnant and due date is Nov, 13,2011. We all know having a bay is a very important thing for woman. Since they don't have ...

1 年假的惯用说法: annual vacation或者annual leave 2 请假一般用ask 不用apply 个人认为应该表达为: ask for a one-day leave tomorrow for the annual vacation. 希望回答对你有帮助

Hi Vanny I would like to request a leave of absence because my home out some more troublesome thing. There is not enough time to ask for leave previously and did not attend classes for tow weeks . So sorry for that. I hope you ...

Dear Sir/Madam, I have to ask for a leave of a week to go home and pay a visit to my parents.I hope you can give me the approval. With all the best! Yours sincerely, Smile carmen 祝你开心如意!


Antenatal holiday application I am near the time of birth, I have seven months already ( Due Date is on… 2012). Because my body is not well. I fell very tired during on duty and off duty by bus on my way to work. And my body ha...

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