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寻一首英文歌名 开头啦啦哒 男声 高潮好像是everyt...

The Vamps - Wild Heart I was walking away, 我本来打算要离开了 But she’s so beautiful it made me stay 但她真的太美 让我不得不留下 I don’t know her name, 我不知道她的名字 But I’m hoping she might feel the same 但我希望她也有相同...

Night Changes - One Direction Going out tonight Changes into something red Her mother doesn't like that kind of dress Everything she never had she's showing off Driving too fast Moon is breaking through her hair She said it was...

Neon tree-everybody talks


i won t hold you back


Brown Boy - Please Don't Go http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Ft7RvjFGDeU/

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