General Management Department Manager ; General Administration Manager

综合管理部门 译文:Comprehensive management department 缩写:CMD;

Director of Integrated Management Dept.

综合管理部 Comprehensive management department

Comprehensive management Dept.

business management department Associate Manager Section vice Manager

综合管理部副部长 M.I. Department Deputy Director (= Management Integration Department Deputy Director) 财务管理部部长 Finance Management Department Director

总经理室: General Manager Office,Executive Office 副总经理室:Deputy General Manager Office, Vice General Manager Office 总经理助理:Assistant to General Manager 综合部经理:Administration Manager 综合部副经理:Deputy Administratio...

总经理室: General Manager Office 工程技术部: Engineering Technology Department 市场营销部: Sales & Marketing Department 综合管理部: General Management Department

经营开发部 Sales and Marketing Department 综合管理部 General Management Department 信息化管理专员 information management commissioner 预算资金会计 budget accountant 核算会计 audit accountant

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