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第二集 英文


连续剧用 episode 不是特别长的像论文的用 chapter 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

the first episode第一集 the first season第一季 比如经常会看到S01E18,就是第一季第十八集 希望能帮到你:)

主要有两首一首是MidnightYouth的Golden Love;37分左右的是New Empire的A Little Braver

glassy sky

《闪电侠》 My name is Barry Allen and i am the fastest man alive. When i was a child,i saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outsi...

Almost lover(恋人未满)——A fine Frenzy Your fingertips against my skin 你的指尖轻滑过我的肌肤 The palm trees swaying in the wind in my chase 棕榈树在风中翩翩起舞 You sang me Spanish lullabies 你为我吟唱那西班牙摇篮曲 The sweetes...

歌名:Do something 歌手: 布兰妮·斯皮尔斯 收录在2004年的精选+新歌集《 Greatest Hits:My Prerogative妮裳神话》里 Billboard最高排名: 100 布兰妮·简·斯皮尔斯, 美国流行音乐女歌手、 舞者、作曲人、作词人、女演员、作家。8岁时, 布兰妮...

A Little Braver - New Empire With december comes the glimmer on her face And I get a bit nervous I get a bit nervous now In the twelve months on I won't make friends with change When everyone's perfect can we start over again T...

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