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开头是很强的节奏英文的歌词h好像带i want see you

I want to see you 还是 I wanna see you 有语病诶

I Wanted You-Ina I wanted you to be there when I fall 我跌倒时要你陪在身边 I wanted you to see me through it all 我要你陪着我看尽万物 I wanted you to be the one I loved 我要你成为我唯一的爱 I wanted you, I wanted you 我想你 我...


LoveStoned 的《Bye Bye Bye》 歌词: when i see you looking back at me watching this eye still do your fingers and your eyes have told thousands lights but i cant tell this time what you really meant we've been crossing the wire...

WHEN I SEE U 歌手:Macy Gray 下载地址:http://126.aiting.com/6bb_music_1/4731/1.wma?tflag=1244180385&pin=181769603069af98e9033d957e1cd10c&ip=

Every time you cross my heart realize how lucky am to be your special friend

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