What subjects do you like? I like art and PE.

My favorite subject is PE because i like taking exercise .I like many ball games. such as football, basket ball ,base ball and so on.Often I invite my friends to have a game in the gym. i think doing exercise is good for our he...

We had three subjects this morning including Chinese,mathematics and English.I like English best because it'sinteresting.And in the afternoon we had P.E.,art and music.I like P.E.class because I can play football with my friend...

my favorite sushiis PE because it's very Internet,i donot like atr because it'svery boring

My favorite subjects are P.E. and music.

Of course, physical education is my favorite subject, I love sports as well.

My hobbies, there are many, I like sports, like mathematics, Chinese, English subjects, especially English, let me interested! I also like to sleep! In the dream will dream of many good friends! Have lunch at school, also very ...

你好BOB,今天过得怎样? 很好,我喜欢星期一,因为有体育课和历史课。都是我喜欢的科目 谁是你的体育老师 HU老师,他经常和我们一起玩游戏 这太好了,但是你为什么喜欢历史课,太无聊了。 啊,我觉得历史很有趣。哪一天你最喜欢? 星期五 为什...

哈哈 兄弟,我原来读书的时候也最喜欢体育,就这课能及格~~~~~~出来工作了想喜欢也没法了

高中教师资格证考试笔试内容为:《综合素质(中学)》、《教育知识与能力》、《学科知识与教学能力(高中体育与健康)》。面试内容为说课和考官提问。 一、教师资格证考试笔试考试科目: 1、幼儿园教师考试科目:综合素质(幼儿园)、保教知识与...

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