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Please see the attached copy of telex-released Bill of Lading

XXのお需持慕はファックスでお僕りいたしました、ごГ粒漫△茲蹐靴お垳いいたします。 XXのおみつもりしょはファックスでおおくりいたしました、ごさしゅうのほど、よろしくおねがいいたします。

艇議諒籾載酒汽。最最。為業岑祇載互佶逸廁艇盾畳艇戻竃議諒籾。 圻鞘債禳達宸頁厘断巷望侭嗤議恢瞳夕頭萩臥辺仍仍 鍬咎 Hello, this is our company all the product pictures, please check it, thank you 為業岑祇喟垓公艇恷廨匍議哂...

Please check attached Purchase Order, confirm the delivery time and sign back to me. Thanks!

Please refer to the attachment for verification purposes. Please refer to the attachment for confirmation purposes. 宸戦嗤曾嶽傍隈 不裏嗤匯泣音揖verification 匯違頁斑低狛朕 泌惚坪否短嗤諒籾議三祥音喘指基阻宸劔議 confirmation...

Attached pls find the definitive edition configuration list and request for quote supplied by the customer.

유첨파일은 4월1일의 경비명세서입니다. 확인해 주시기바랍니다!

Please check the revised invitation letter as attached. Any problem please feel free to contact me.

Please find the attachment to pay the water bill, was the transfer to your companyaccount, please note that check.

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