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他到目前为止学了多少首歌了? (用英语翻译)

how many songs has he learned so far

亲爱的楼主: 您可以翻译为: I have learned English for seven years so far. 祝您步步高升 记得点击采纳为最佳答案哦,谢谢咯

Do not be the father to be rude in his life until now no one as he spoke 希望能帮到你

I haven't received xx so far. Up till new,I haven't received xx. 就这两种。

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:到目前为止 翻译:so far by now up to now to date until now 知识补充: 迄今到目前为止hitherto ad 截止到目前为止so far 到目前为止一切正常so far so good 到目前为止...

在会上提出了很多问题,到目前为止我还未发现其答案。 A lot of problems came up at the meeting last night, but I haven‘t found the solution so far.

so far or to this day.

一般现在时或者现在完成时都可以。 完成时:So far he has always hated driving. 现在时:He always hates driving.

So far。你可以用百度翻译啊

Nearly two thirds of our classmates have joined the sports club by now. More questions! ———精锐南方商城

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