I didn't see your message until just now

“不好意思,刚刚才看到你的信息”用英语说: I am very sorry that I just saw your message. sorry 读音: 英[ˈsɒri] 美[ˈsɑ:ri] adj. 遗憾的; 对不起的; 无价值的,低等的; 感到伤心的; 例句 'We're all talking at the same tim...

I am sorry,I saw your message just now.

Sorry, I'm working and just saw the message.

您好!Pardon ?/ I beg your pardon? 望采纳!谢谢!

I've got no news from you for the whole day. There was no message from you for the entire day.

“sorry,i did not take the phone with me when i was working, and i did not see the message until now.”

Please contact me as soon as you see the message

I am sorry, I missed your call because I was out for a business trip.

I'm sorry.I was working in the morning ,so I missed your message.I'm in bad mood today。

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